Up here is the flag.
Here is the information you will need before you try to become a citizen of Grunkia, or if you try to ask us questions you will need to know this.

Our formal name like on the top is the Federal Republic of Grunkia.
We have currently 22 citizens claiming a bit of the moon and 6 hectares of Antarctica.
List of wars we've been in: Virtual Grunk-Runic war, and Grunkian-New joneslandish war, the 30 minute war.
Our National Anthem is Nocturne No.19 in E minor, Op. 72, No.1.
Official Language: English (de facto), Grunkian
We have embassies built with Federal Republic of Flatland and the Runic Empire and one planning to build with the Domanglian Empire and one with Monovia
Main Allies: Flatland, Domanglia, Monovia, Urieland
Military is called the Grunkian Defence Forces
4 months old but the Kingdom of Grunkia is much older.
Here is where we are located mainly: 6 hectares of Anarctica 2,000 sq meters of land within Vancouver, the North and South Pole of the moon and the Sea of Crises on the moon
Our anthem is down here, ENJOY!!!!!
Our email is grunkia@gmail.com.
Current President: President Gunho Kim
Current Prime Minister: Elections August 10th 2011
List of Political Parties: Conservative Democratic Party, Liberal Party (DEFUNCT) , and Communist Party
Our flag is called the Grunkian Liberty Eagle flag 
The official video game of Grunkia is Little Big Planet 2
The official book of Grunkia is a book the President is making is called the Dummie's Book of Grunkia

Only one incandescent light bulb per person. Level 2 fine
No Drunk Driving Level 5 fine
No using cellphones while driving Level2 fine (speaker phones are permitted while driving)
Marijuana can be only used for medical cases Level 4 fine
No Nuclear Power Plants Level 5 fine
No Graffiti or Vandalism Level1 fine
No Robbing Levels 1-5 fines
Full citizens will be able to run for Prime Minister but half citizens can only be members of Parliament.